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aldo rossi homes

We want to lead Calgary towards a brighter and more beautiful future and the first step towards a beautiful future starts at home. We hope to fuel our goal through an innovative and passionate approach aimed to create happy homes. We focus on 4 main principles that are fundamental in building our homes.

Sophisticated Design

The outside of a home is just as important as the inside and it is the first thing everyone notices. Coming home to beautiful landscapes, gorgeous courtyards, and inspiring architecture, creates a rewarding feeling of satisfaction. Capturing this feeling is a key driving force in our design process.


Spacious and Open Floor Plans

We focus our floor plans to be as efficient and attractive as possible. A key element in the interior design of all our homes is to ensure there is a large open area to gather with friends and family. This means there’s more room to do the things we love, with the people we love. It’s hard to balance cooking and looking after the kids without always missing your favorite TV shows. Having an area where you can do all these things at the same time makes it just a little bit easier.

Customization & Care

The place we call “home” is an extension of ones’ self, that’s why we do our best to cater your home to your own personality and preference. The ability to choose your own carpet, cabinetry, blinds, tiles, hardwood, and lighting creates a sense of pride and helps you feel right at home. We also understand that deciding on so many things can be difficult, so our experienced interior designers have created templates to help us create that perfect fit for those who are looking for a quick possession.


Peace of Mind

A happy home is a safe home, it is one that encourages you to relax and reenergize. Sage Hill Garden residents don’t have to spend their evenings or weekends maintaining exterior lights, removing garbage, landscaping, or shovelling snow. We cover these services using our low condo fees. We minimize condo fees by going above and beyond industry standards in terms of safety and quality. This is a costly approach for builders, however the end product is more aesthetic and more durable.  Protecting homeowner’s investments and saving them money is our way of providing peace of mind.

  • Non-combustible materials for the exterior construction. We use lux aluminum panels, acrylic stucco, and aluminum siding to reduce fire insurance and condo fees.
  • Impact resistant shingles lower the probability and cost of future repairs.
  • Separate utility meters for each resident provide the ability to monitor and lower costs.
  • Energy efficient exterior lights and street lighting.
  • Aldo Rossi Homes is also a member of the National New Home Warranty program. For more information, click here

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